My Leaf and support for vehicles produced after May 2019

January 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Time for an update on My Leaf and support for vehicles produced after May 2019. My Leaf supports 2 API’s currently; a North American and the ‘old’ API used for the rest of the world. There is a new API in place for vehicles produced after May 2019. This is a completely new API. This API basically supports the same featureset as the old API’s with some small additions. Such as locking, unlocking and starting the engine of your vehicle. These features depend on the spec of your vehicle it seems. The accounts on the new API I have access to do not support these new features unfortunately.

I am currently implementing a Dart client library for the new API. My overall goal is to support this new API while maintaining the same featureset as with the other API’s. There is lots of work to do still. I only really have the authentication part client library finished more of less. You can expect support for the new API with My Leaf to be ready late January or sometime in February. The new client library is called dartnissanconnect. Like the rest of My Leaf everything is open source. Feel free to browse the source code. I hope to make My Leaf the best app for controlling your Nissan EV! Hopefully the new work can also be useful to other developers creating other stuff and not just users of My Leaf!

That’s all for now! Happy New Year to all reading this! ;)

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