A little update in regards to My Leaf

June 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Time for an update on My Leaf! As my previous blog entry stated My Leaf now supports vehicles produced after May 2019. Currently I’m maintaining 3 seperate client libraries for the NissanConnect API’s; the old NissanConnect API dartcarwings, the North American NissanConnect API dartnissanconnectna and the ‘new’ API dartnissanconnect for all vehicles produced after May 2019. The ‘new’ API is still very flaky and unstable; mainly statistics seem kinda broken currently. There are a number of new additions to the ‘new’ API that are not supported by my client library yet. These are dependent on the spec of the car you got and therefore a litte more tricky to implement. I’m talking about locking/unlocking your vehicle and stuff like that. I can’t really implement these features as I do not have access to a vehicle with a full spec where all these features are available. If you have such a vehicle I’d be very interested in getting access to your account if you’re willing to do that of course! Feel free to send me an email!

Also recently I’ve gotten a wave of bad reviews on both Google Play and the App Store. Most of these reviews are a product of Nissan’s poor API infrastructure, I think, and not related to My leaf! People have high expectations, and I totally understand this, but it all boils down to the API being subpar and it affects the experience of My Leaf! Sadly I can’t really do much about this and only Nissan can improve/fix the API. If you are one of these people please remember that I only control the client-side of things; not the serverside and the API! So when you experience issues starting the climate control etc. it is most likely Nissan’s API services having issues! It still boggles my mind that Nissan has such a poor API infrastucture and still hasn’t fixed this with their newest API.

That’s all for now; if you have any questions or request please comment or send me an email!

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