NissanConnect EV third party app; part 2 and a half

September 2018 ยท 2 minute read

I am embarking on a new quest; building a simple, great looking, and fast third party Android app competing with the official NissanConnect EV app.

This is part 2 and a half of that quest. This post is about the release of the iOS version of ‘My Leaf’. From a technical standpoint the codebase is exactly the same as the Android version of ‘My Leaf’. Currently the same UI elements are used for Android and iOS. There are support for Cupertino widgets within Flutter. At this stage these are not used. So the material widgets are used for iOS as well. I want to keep it this way for now because it makes the codebase as simple as possible without polluting it with iOS and Android specific features. The only differences are the app icon and the fact that on iOS ‘My Leaf for iOS’ is a paid app; costing $7.99. I’ve done it this was because in-app donations are not allowed on iOS (it’s complicated). When the app has paid itself off for the Apple Developer Program fee I’ll likely make it free.

I hope you like the result and you want to try it for yourself. Feedback is very much welcome!

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