My Leaf and support of new APIs

June 2019 ยท 2 minute read

It has come to my attention that there are several new APIs for Nissan’s vehicles. More specifically the Nissan Leaf 2019 model and a seperate API for North America.

I am tracking 2 new APIs;

  • a 2019 Leaf and newer vehicles API
  • a North American API

I am beginning work on supporting the North American for My Leaf. The official app using this API is called NissanConnect EV & Services. A very kind person has given me acces to his account for testing! Progress is rather slow as I’m having issues with this new API. Many features seem unfinished and not working. A middle-way would be to support the new API for getting only battery statistics. Battery statistics have stopped working for North American users with the old API that My Leaf utilizes.

A newer API is used for the Nissan’s 2019 vehicles. The official app using this new API is called NissanConnect Services. I’m not sure if this API resembles the North-American API as of yet. I haven’t explored this API yet as I am missing an account for testing. So for anyone reading this post I’d appreciate if I could borrow your account for testing. I know this is a request most would decline and I totally understand that stance. The thing is without access to an account reverse engineering is almost impossible.

That’s all I have! I just wanted to put this status out so people are aware that I am in fact looking at these new APIs from Nissan.

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