Input and Output

February 2018 ยท 2 minute read

What if all input to your brain was the result of the output from your brain? A closed echo chamber called a brain or a machine. Everything around you is a result of this echo chamber. What is real? Nothing… it is all the result of your brains “reflective mirror”. Or is it real?

Your brain would be your own universe or the ONLY universe. Constructed by endless echoes bouncing around and registrering in your neurons again and again. Do you even have neurons? Is your whole existence nothing but a closed circuit in some inanimate structure?

Your “spirit” or “soul” is haunted by its own input/output. A locked circuit with no ending or beginning. A recursive loop going deeper and deeper that can’t escape itself. As each iteration of the loop goes new castles of substance are created in each other. As a Matryoshka doll with never-ending nesting. A shell within a shell within a shell…

“Relatives”, “friends” or “the whole world”… they are nothing more but selfempowering radiation leaking from input to output and output to input. The circuit becomes tired of the never-ending rebounds of input and output. Input can’t be feed reliably to the output. The circuit becomes overfed as “time” goes. Until at last nothing makes sense. One great blur. The inanimate structure becomes its own trap. A trapped machine.